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Like Bayonetta but with robots…

I did it. I finished Beyond Two Souls at the weekend, and what an amazing game that is.

Stunning example of what a team can do with this generation’s hardware…I have however waxed lyrical enough about that game in an earlier post. Suffice to say that I suggest you play it through at least once because it is a masterclass in storytelling. If only David Cage had enough faith not to go all Hollywood at the end…but that’s  a minor niggle in what is an excellent example of what games can achieve.

So, what are you playing now? I hear none of you cry.

This month, the best £40 I spent (back in May now) that is the PS+ subscription, has graced me with two new games, Remember me, and a game with quite possibly the worst title in the history of gaming…Metal Gear Rising: Revengenceance. A title so bad, they had to make up a new word with it’s own ‘unique’ spelling!

Although, if you can see past the horrendous title, I give you a pretty decent hack ‘n’ slash set in the universe of Metal Gear.

And you should look past the games title screen. Trust me. As a pretty big Metal Gear fan (despite missing most of the PS2 outings thanks to not owning a PS2) I have to admit that this is a laugh. I mean, for an MGS universe game it’s a bit of a laugh. I’m about an hour in and have fought and destroyed a Metal Gear Ray (as the boss of the first level/tutorial) and a few Gekkos…as normal enemies (Which even the big man Snake avoided in his last outing)

Pretty epic and ridiculous to start with. Then again, this whole game is ridiculous. It’s like Bayonetta with robots, which is not surprising considering it’s been put together by Platinum games. I will admit that due to a bit of a backlog of games at the moment I am playing it on easy, but it feels pretty good to hack your way through the enemies, just like it did in Bayonetta, and for me, the universe adds a few extra bonus points. I am expecting a few cameos from the series regulars at some point.

When you die, there is even a “Raiden? Raiden? Raiiiided…?” moment.

The controls are simple but combos look ever more impressive as you progress through the game with regular unlocks available in the form of Firmware updates for your cyborg body. While not a patch on the bar in Bayonetta, it is a good idea and works quite well, allowing you to spend points gathered through the previous levels.

While I’m not expecting great things from this game it is pretty impressive and more importantly, it’s fun, over the top entertainment, which is just what I need after the emotional roller coaster that was Beyond…and is making me more and more annoyed that Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive…

It runs smooth and looks good, even after the beauty that was Beyond. Fast paced and good looking, just waht you want from a hack ‘n’ slash, just not what you expect from a Kojima Production 😉

In fact, I’ve got half an hour before I go out…maybe I’ll have a quick go…

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