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Makevember #2

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

So day, 2 of makevember and I’ve spent most of the day adulting.

Pretty sure that it doesn’t count, but I did made a to do list and ticked everything off it – I also actually made something to eat rather than shoving something into the oven for 20 minutes at 200°, but again, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count either.

One of the tasks on my list was the “big shop”. I jump in the car and head off, before I reach the end of the street, my ears began to ‘enjoy’ the sounds of Apple’s Beats 1 radio. #Sarcasm. I’ve no idea why it decided not play the podcast I’d been listening to previously, or why it chose the Beats 1 radio rather than any of my playlists, but it gave me an idea for today’s make.

What I have done this evening while watching the F1 was to play around with shortcuts and automation on my iPhone.

After a few failed attempts to make a shortcut that would automatically start playing my podcasts rather than randomly playing Apple Music. Unfortunately it appears that Pocket Casts does not support Shortcuts yet.

I prefer this app to the official Apple podcast app, but I *think* that I now have an automation that should open Pocket Casts when the iPhone connects to my car stereo. I haven’t tried it yet because it’s chucking it down outside, but fingers crossed it will work tomorrow. What I’m concerned about is that the phone will begin playing Apple Music even if the podcast app is open… If it doesn’t work, then it’s back to the drawing board.

#Automation #iPhone #Makevember #Shorctuts

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