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A message from Matt

Hi all,

You might notice that something has changed.

That's right. I've finally got around to actually writing a blog post. I haven't written anything for an age (according to this it's over a year since I last wrote post on here) and a couple of things conspired to get me started again.

I'd been asked to help out with setting up / relaunching a website for someone and in the process of researching new providers for them, I have decided to move my own site over to the probably new provider as a test run and to work out how it works, capabilities etc. So here we are, with a slightly revamped version of

Version 3.0.1 as is (at current count of refreshes) is maybe a little simple at the moment but I'm going to be playing around with the layout and styles and such over the coming weeks and hopefully actually writing some more.

I always enjoyed writing the blog, but will readily admit that sometimes I struggle to find stuff to write about and then I fall out of the habit.

Well, with Lockdown here in the UK and trying to do more stuff I'm hoping to get back into writing again.

I'm currently between games (with Assassins Creed Valhalla taking up 180+ hours of my time recently) so it seems like a good time to do this and hopefully I'll get into the habit again and populate this new version with some cool new stuff...

Since moving over to the new website, I've been having a few issues with the page not loading or loading the wrong version. Which is fun.

For some reason, when you to go you find this rather wonderful website, but if you go to you get the old website (An error page now I've removed all the old hosting and technical website stuff from the old house).

I'm lazy and hoping that this will only be temporary, as apparently this should automagially send the lazy people to the www version, but for some reason it isn't doing.

Tools I've used to check the page do seem to work and load redirect to this page fine, but for some reason my browser refuses to... Maybe my first project is to work out what the flip is going on.

Me in grey shirt with floppy fringe
Yours truly with lockdown hair

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