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Do you remember the time..?

Do you remember the time…? When I played that game? You know…the one with the thing?

No? Actually neither do I.

Must do something about that…

I have to admit that I need to thank Phil for this one. In the run up to Christmas and the new year we discussed a blog post reviewing what we had played through the year (Which Phil did – link). I never got around to it. Mostly because my memory is rubbish.

So this year off the back of that and after discussions with Phil (and copying someone else’s idea) we each went away and created an online spreadsheet with the games and months of the year.

Here is the link to mine – Link

It’s nothing special and is mostly for my own purposes, but I figured it might be interesting to a few of you to see how I’ve been spending the year, and what platforms I’ve been playing games on.

At the moment the year has drifted from the Christmas releases for the PS4 through to the sale games on Steam (that the media server PC will play) into mobile and iOS territory and back to the PS4.

It will be interesting to see at the end of the year exactly how much blue/green/purple etc there is on there and get an idea of how long games take me to finish or if I give up on most of them.

It should be an interesting experiment for myself even if it is of no use for you lot. Plus it will eventually allow me to pull together a year in review in December when I have nothing to play…

Anyhow, short and sweet at the moment but I’ll be back soon…I’ve been working my way through Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD…among other things…

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