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I think I’ve broken something


Single word that should be simple, should be easy. Except, maybe my complaint should be “php”… or maybe it should just be “me”…

Installing WordPress to move my old site across to my new site should have been easy and straightforward. and it was, up to a point. That point is when it was supposed to throw up a screen that lets you do everything else from the web, rather than a command prompt. Except it didn’t.

A quick chat with @philcoooper (again) and we worked out that “something has happened to stop php stuff working”. I’m guessing that that something was me. Somewhere I must has done something that stopped this from working as it should.

Again the promise of pizza dragged Phil across the city and within 30 minutes he had fixed whatever it was that I had done (php *was* working when he’d helped me get everything all set up).

So the next step was copying everything over from the WordPress hosted site to the Pi hosted site that you see before you now.

Almost. A huge chunk of Sunday (again) seemed to be spent fiddling with stuff, resizing images because the thumbnails didn’t work properly… Shuffling text about in (some of) the older posts because they are different… and adding the radio page.

The radio page. It looks much better now than it did. My very basic html buttons did the job, but it is much nicer to see the radio station logos as links that will start the station. Now all I need to do is sort it so that the script redirects back to the list rather than stopping on the confirmation screen…I’m guessing that this means that I am going to have to dive back into the command line and do some jiggery-pokery with the scripts…

For now, that is all I am going to say about the boring techy stuff, because two (maybe even all three) of my usual readers prefer me to write about games and films and books.

So next time… back to the books…

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