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Fibre causing rough times

Just a quick update to let you all know about a few changes.

  1. I recently upgraded to my ISP’s Fibre option.

  2. I not get a ridiculous downloads speed.

  3. This has affected my router port forwarding (Translation – It means that I can’t host my own website on the Raspberry Pi)

  4. *Something* happened and Phil had to recover my blog off the pi.

  5. We sorted it and have sorted some hosting so the blog is back.

  6. Because of this some (most) of the images on the site might be broken.

I’ll get back to normal posting as soon as possible, but if you notice that anything is broken, this is probably why. I’ve sorted the images for the most recent posts, but the older ones I haven’t done. I’m sure no one will notice (or care).

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