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Hello again..It seems like I open each blog post recently by apologising for not having posted for a while..

So… I have made a decision. Rather than coming up with a specific subject for a post and writing it as and when, my plan is to write *something* every week. Whether it is about the game I am playing, TV I’ve been watching, what I am reading, or what I’ve been up to. I will still do specific posts about subjects that deserve them, but there will hopefully be more updates more often this way… Not that either of you will notice I’m sure 😉

For those of you that remember ‘The Fast Show’….

This week I ‘aave been mostly playing…. Bloodborne.

Yes. Still. I am still hooked on the terrible difficulty and repetitive gameplay, but as I have discussed previously, the appeal is that sense of achievement when you best it. When everything comes together in a perfect storm of button presses and luck and you progress, defeat the boss, find a new lantern, or unlock a new area there is very little that compares.

I recently paid 10,000 blood echoes, not on levelling up, but on a small inconsequential item, simply because it unlocked a gate that I had not been able to go past. As I am currently unable to beat the ‘Blood Starved Beast’ I decided to check out another area and hopefully come back in a bit after exploring and levelling up in a new (old) area. I still can’t beat the beast, but have unlocked a new lantern outside of old Yarnham. Which is nice, but I’m not brave enough to venture into the new area *just* yet. More grinding and levels and hopefully I can take a couple of bosses down…

I am still levelling up and learning the most effective way to play this game. Every hour spent on it unlocks new information and new ideas on how to progress… I can see no end to this for the foreseeable future, so I will continue with my periodic updates and hour count on the game…

Current Level – 54 /played – 31:47:09

So.. What else..?


As is usual for me, I did grab the free Playstation Plus games, this month we are treated to ‘Skulls of the Shogun’ and ‘Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes’. Of which I have dipped a toe into MGS very briefly, but no more than to see what it looks like and check out the controls… I suspect that I shall revisit this at some point (probably before I purchase Phantom Pain) and I am still finishing the evening of gaming off with a session of ‘Chase The Sun’ before I turn the PS4 off.

‘Chase the Sun’ is basically an endless runner. You control a ship, zooming towards obstacles, all in a very simple muted grey palette, all very classy. The limit here is that your ship is solar powered and, while you can nip in and out of shadow, you’ll do better if you stay in the sun. Staying in the shade means you will lose power and stop. Game over.

As you progress through the ‘phases’ (levels) you collect power ups, which allow you to jump, shift into a space type zone, or skip to the end of the phase. There are also power ups that affect your score, collect 5 of them and your multiplier goes up, the higher the multiplier the more points you get for progressing. Clip a wall or obstacle and you slow down, losing a chunk of your multiplier. Hit the wall or obstacle and it’s game over.


The world updates every 24 hours so you have enough time to learn the course and perfect it. Or not. As the case may be. But it is good that if you want to you can spend the time learning the best route through a phase but each day when you come back to it the challenge is new and fresh.

So that’s about it in terms of what I’ve been playing in the Playstation. I have a few mobile games that I have been playing, but in expectation of my continuing to play Bloodborne as my main game for the foreseeable future I shall save those so I have something to talk about next week.

I also finally caught up with the end of Agents of SHIELD and Game of Thrones, but shall wait before discussing those for a few weeks to make sure I don’t spoil either of them for anyone (although I am sure that there are other internet places that have probably done that for plenty of people)

Next up is to watch the final 2 episodes of Gotham, which is sitting on my PVR, but I am saving that for my next “I have to be a grown up and do a marathon ironing session” session. And Daredevil on Netflix…

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