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It begins…

Okay, so here we are. I’ve been meaning to try and write a blog for some time. Just never actually got round to it.

I’ve been thinking about what I would write about and seeing as the main interest in my life at the moment is my love of games and films (I spend *way* too much time on both) I figured that would be a good place to start 🙂

I’ll post here as often as I remember and try to do something at least once a week. An update on whatever I’m playing, recent cinema trips or films and TV that catches my eye.

I’ll try to avoid spoilers when it comes to games, but most of the time I’ll be so far behind the rest of the world it probably won’t matter, but if you see a post and you don’t want spoilers then I leave it up to your wisdom to decide to read or not.

Well…that’s about it for the moment.

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