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Groovy, man.

Today I want to talk about something that isn’t a game, something I’ve watched on TV or a film.

I want to talk about a website.

If any of you are big readers, you have probably aware of a website called Goodreads. It’s a website that allows you to track what you read, create ‘shelves’ to group books together, and put together a list of things you want to read.

One day in the office at work talking with a fellow gamer, we discussed how awesome it would be to have something like Goodreads, but for games. All I wanted was a way to track what I have played, what I am playing, and what I want to play. With so many games out there this would be so useful.

After looking on the internet for something that met my needs, I came across a little site called (opens in a new tab).

This little thing does everything I want from it. Shelves for played games, games I am currently playing, games I have in my backlog, and crucially, a wish list. This means I can track all those games that I read about and want to play when I can afford them.

Each game has a small synopsis, platform information and other friends comments on the game.

It allows you to track played games, giving them a start date, and when you are done, a finished date, you can select the level of completion, play time and give each game a score out of 5.

It’s pretty basic and the guys behind it are adding new features all the time. (I struggled to find a friend I mentioned the site to, because I did not have him as a Facebook friend, I suggested they alter this and allowed search by username/email. I received a response telling me that they were looking at implementing something similar, which they now have.)

It does need you to be rather active in keeping up to date with your games, but for keeping track of games I want to play in the future – it’s great. I dip in once a week or so and add anything that has caught my eye in my feeds of previews/reviews.

I urge you to give it a try, it has helped me keep track of what I want to play. Reminding me about the games in my pile of shame as well as new games that are due. When I have some spare cash and am ready for my next gaming fix, this is my first port of call.

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